Chimney calculation

Do you have to calculate chimneys?
And do you need a really good software for that purpose?
Or information about chimney calculation?

Then you are right here!

When a new furnace system is constructed or an existing one modified, somebody must certify that the exhaust gases are safely transferred to the outside.

Normally, a chimney calculation is carried out for this purpose. EN 13384 is the European norm for chimney calculation which describes the calculating method for chimneys with single and multiple appliances.

During the chimney calculation, at least two conditions are always checked: the pressure and temperature requirement.

The compliance with the pressure requirement ensures that the pressure in the chimney is sufficient to safely transfer the exhaust gases to the outside.

In addition, the compliance with the temperature requirement ensures that the chimney in the long run is protected from damages caused by condensation or that the outlet does not freeze if the outside temperatures are very low.


The computer program kesa-aladin is the software for professional chimney calculation according to EN 13384.

With the help of kesa-aladin, you can calculate as simply and safely a 3-layer house chimney for an oil-fired boiler as a complex boiler plant consisting of five condensing boilers in a cascade system.