software maintenance

The program kesa-aladin is regularly updated, for example, due to modification of norms and technical guidelines. Furthermore, again and again new fire places or chimneys or other components for chimneys are launched whose characteristics are integrated into the program.

All these innovations only are at your disposal if you agree software maintenance with us.

With software maintenance you always have the current program version with the current data.

Within the scope of software maintenance you can download any time the latest version including the current characteristics (fireplaces, chimneys, stroke limiters, dampers, chimney fan, etc.) and information from our website or update the program including characteristics and information with the help of the program function LiveUpdate.

On request, we also send you the update twice a year on CD (in spring and autumn). This costs extra, however.

We will offer you programs we might develop only in the future at special discount prices. This also applies to further developments of the program kesa-aladin if they go beyond the scope of software maintenance and if it is justified in this respect to change the version number in front of the first point. This also applies to program parts to be newly developed or program equipment if they are not indispensable for using the program kesa-aladin