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The support comprises our telephonic, written or other assistance in case of problems while working with the program kesa-aladin, provided that they cannot be solved by the user himself or by the helps provided in the program or in the manual.

Within the scope of our telephone support within our office hours, you can ask our staff questions about the program and discuss problems with the program.

Outside our phone office hours you can leave a so called “qualified” message in the support mailbox or send us an e-mail or fax. Communications are qualified for us if you indicate your name, your customer number (if available), your phone number and, if necessary, your electronic mail address or fax number. And if you describe us your problem as exactly as possible.

All these details are a prerequisite for us to become active within the scope of our support. So we cannot handle messages which, in this sense, must be considered as not qualified (in that case it is simply too difficult).

If you meet these requirements, however, we will contact you as soon as possible by phone, e-mail, fax or post. If you do not answer our telephone return call, you will receive a corresponding communication from us requesting you to contact us again. If we have your electronic mail address or fax number, we will try to ensure that you receive our service also by e-mail or fax as soon as possible.